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About the Pill-locker

The Pill-Locker is a secure, tamper-proof, portable and automated dispenser for dangerous medications, vitamins
and other products. Pill-Lockers can be controlled locally and remotely by smartphones.
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A Message From the Founder


The advantages of automated, secure, monitored dispensing of certain prescription medications are numerous.

We have only begun to explore the potential of the products and systems that we build at Pill-Locker. So far, the only limitation to new ideas for practical applications has been the limitations of our own imaginations.

The journey that led to creating The Pill-Locker began for me several years ago. I was working as an IT consultant at the New York State Office of Mental Health. One my related responsibilities, was to review Mental Health Patient Incident Reports.

These reports contained some very tragic stories of Mental Health Patients, attempting “impulse suicides” by ingesting prescription medications. There were hundreds of these stories, with many ending in hospitalizations and worse. The costs in dollars and human suffering were, and still are, considerable.

I began to wonder why it was considered an acceptable practice for physicians to provide bottles full of toxic substances to people who were being treated for mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, mood disorders or whatever billable diagnosis that was currently in vogue.

The only reason I could come up with was that they had no better plan.

I am pleased to say that now, thanks to the support of some very extraordinary professionals, there is a better plan.

I hope that our new website will contribute to more innovation and advocacy for the Medicine of Common Sense.

Thank You,

Victor Lewis – Founder

Our Products

We design and build our products at the component level using local engineers, machinists, manufacturers and software developers whenever possible. Some essential parts can only be obtained from overseas vendors because they are no longer manufactured in the United States.

This is a situation that we hope to see change in the coming years. We also assemble and test 100% here in the United States.

Pill-Locker has been granted a full utility patent for the products we currently offer as well as other patents pending for our soon to be announced products. Under advice of our legal counsel, we don’t publish illustrations of proprietary or unprotected IP products. However, we have plenty of images and videos that we will be sharing here in the near future.


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